Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cheese of the Week: Chocolate Philadelphia

Marketing gimmick
I’ve decided to instigate a cheese of the week feature on the blog, really as an unashamed chance to eat a lot of cheese. Why then start with Chocolate Philadelphia I hear you ask? It’s not even a real cheese. Well that may be so but I’m nothing if not topical and the combination of 1000x high profile adverts for the stuff along with a half price reduction at the supermarket (78p) and I couldn’t resist. I fully expected to dislike it and I wasn’t wrong. Clearly they have manufactured enough of the stuff to feed the population of China for the next 10 years and have to shift it somehow.

I did decide to ditch my preconceptions before actually tasting it. I peeled back the lid, took a smell (realised that hayfever had done for this sense) and spread some thickly on some white toast.
At first bite I could taste no cheese, just the chocolate and I thought it’s just chocolate spread but easier to spread, fair play. Then came the aftertaste. It took a full 10 minutes to realise where the familiarity came from. It’s the really cheap chocolate that you get from advent calendars from the pound store.  Why oh why would Cadbury put their name to such ridiculously substandard chocolate? Or Philadelphia for that matter? Did they think no one would notice?! If you’re going to manufacture something so clearly leftfield, at least have the decency to make it with proper ingredients!
I visited the website for serving suggestions and it’s clear that the Marketing team have no idea how to position it either. Chocolate cheesecake for the incredibly lazy was the obvious choice, a topping for cupcakes less so (I won't mention what I think they actually look like they're topped with, you can draw your own conclusions!). Other than that all instructions seem to be smear it on anything you can find and hope for the best. At 86 calories for a measly 30g I wouldn't go too heavy either.

As an aside, my friends and I often play the game “what food doesn’t go with cheese?” – there are very few, most originating in oriental cuisine, but I think I can safely say that Cadbury chocolate is one of them!

Cheese Score: 1 – for originality. And that is being kind!


MotherOfGooses said...

great game. I'm going to start playing that.

Anonymous said...

Cadbury's should never have left the west country.... already making such ridiculous mistakes! Hil

Josie said...

It is vile. My children don't like it either! Wish we had only paid the bargainous price of 78p for ours. Sadly we wasted over £1.50 on our taster.
Marmite Philly would have been a better creation (and no doubt approximately the same colour)!

Katastrophy said...

Ha, I agree! I'm trying not to be a waster of food so I tried some more earlier but alas my opinion has not changed!

Katastrophy said...

Abroad they have Milka Philadelphia - I wonder if it's any better??

Katastrophy said...

I thought so, please feel free to join in week by week if only to make me feel better about eating it all :)

Adam said...

Does it taste of cheese at all then, or just the cheapest of cheap vile chocolate? The whole concept sounds vile and I LOVE cheese. Maybe we need to blame Kraft. Everyone said they would ruin everything.

Re brown-cheese cupcake topping visuals: I think you need to make an attempt at