Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Great Cake Places - volunteers needed for cake eating!

A short while ago I was lucky enough to be bought a copy of this book (Great Cake Places London 2012). Well, I bought it for myself but I consider myself very lucky to own it. Anyway it’s a girly pink directory of cake shops in London and I want to visit them ALL!!

It’s no secret I’d absolutely love to have my own cake shop/tea room/book repository one day and I figure this is justified market research. Visit each shop named in the book and give them a rating, deciding what the best bits of each are and coming out the other end with the concept for my ubershop. So, two things I need:

1. People to come to cake shops with me. I am fairly confident the lure of cake if nothing else will entice people to spend an hour or two with me. It has been suggested in certain quarters that I should combine cakes and dates and I am mulling it over, although as the hardest beverage most places serve is a double espresso I am far from convinced (unless someone offers of course and then I’m all for it!).

2. A ratings criteria. Which got me thinking, what do people want out of a visit to a cake shop? Other than cake, cheeky. Product is of course important, ambience, customer service, cost, beverages... Answers on a postcard, or just below in the comments if you have any other ideas and I will try and formulate some kind of rudimentary points system.

Now this book does in fact rate each shop, although they all seem to be too close to call and although all the cakes look exquisite I think some of the places just look too pristine. I want somewhere where people can come and get comfortable without fear they might drop a crumb on the floor or get icing around their face. Icing around the face is positively encouraged in my part of the world. So, who is coming with me for some cake eating?

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Adam said...

Where to begin!?

1) Yes! How could anyone decline such an offer?

Although I couldn't help but notice your desperation for a book suppository. You must love books even more than Cate does; personally I'm happy for the only orifices their papery goodness gets into being my eyes but each to their own :-)

If you end up with dates, then I think it's not unheard of for certain cakeshops to serve expensive "fancy" beer or cider? Not Starbucks et al., but I'm sure you wouldn't lower yourself. Failing that...extreme sugar high??

Been to Betty's Tea Room, York? SUPER GOOD! So many teas as well.

2) in no particular order:

- portion size
- flavour
- belly satisfaction
- smell
- taste
- perception of quality
- range of beverages
- cost
- do they take credit cards? (come on, its the 21st century)
- speed of service
- waiting time
- friendliness
- problem resolution (e.g. if you spill your cake)
- at-table service
- cleanliness
- seat comfort
- availability of seats
- usefulness of opening hours
- ability to take out
- availability of tables
- wifi
- power sockets
- niceness of fellow patrons
- convenience of location
- loyalty card scheme
- temperature
- toilet facility quality/quantity/faffing around with codes
- range of cake
- dryness of cake
- freshness
- background music

...better stop now before I fill the internet up.