Sunday, 1 July 2012

Kat vs How to Eat: Lemon curd

The eagle eyed among you might notice I’ve been on a bit of an extended leave from the blog. It’s hard to quantify exactly why beyond feeling a bit burned out and the constant drip drip drip of the weather had left me in slightly low spirits. However the sun has finally burst through the clouds and much to my surprise people have actually been on my back to write more and carry on. Never one to disappoint I cracked on with the next recipe in the book, lemon curd, and I can’t imagine anything more summery or uplifting.

I start by sterilising a few jars by boiling them for 10 minutes on the hob. Collecting jars has become a bit of an obsession when I realised how easy it was to reuse them and I am starting to worry I might end up on one of those hoarder programs on the tv. Work on my craft room cannot come along quickly enough as it will give me a door behind which I can hide these eccentricities ( I actually feel a little thrill everytime I examine the condiments shelf in the fridge thinking about what I might use all these lovely jars for).

 That done, it’s time to crack on with the curd. No bain-marie for Nigella who lives on the edge as ever. I begin by beating 4 eggs and 4 extra egg yolks (more horrible egg separating required) and 300g caster sugar together in a saucepan until combined and the sugar is dissolved. Then I add 200g unsalted butter and the zest and juice of 4 (unwaxed) lemons. Then you just turn the heat on low and stir for about 10 minutes until, well until it looks like lemon curd really. At first nothing happened but I got brave and turned the heat up and it soon thickened and affected a beautiful glossy sheen and it was ready.
I gave away a jar to the family and I wanted to make it look nice so I had a look around the internet for some label templates and I was amazed at the variety and quality of free templates available. There’s a great article for starter here with an abundance of downloads:

(not lemon curd)
Easy to print off labels and then attach with string, ribbon, elastic, whatever you have to hand, a great way to personalise gifts from the kitchen. Now, in my delight and excitement at the way it all turned out I completely forgot to take a picture of the finished article, so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say it was beautiful and very well received. In lieu of evidence here's a picture of my cat, aaaaaaah.

 Kitchen wisdom gained:
·         Just because it looks posh doesn’t mean it’s hard to make.

·         It’s a LOT easier to zest a lemon with a proper tool than a cheese grater.

·         People keep offering to pay me for lemon curd. I think there’s a cottage industry to exploit here, if only I weren’t so flightly!

Domestic goddess points out of 10: 9 – It tasted great, it looked great and I am going to make it again and again.

Final score: Kat 1 – Nigella 1 – everyone’s a winner!


MotherOfGooses said...

Oh well then, I guess I'll just have to try that one. Especially, with those labels, they will make me look like a goddess for sure. Thanks!

welshcake said...

Yum! Have always fancied having a go with lemon curd.I do jam and just put my jars and lids in the oven to steralise them.