Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 in Review - Top 10 food moments: 6-10

Best of the rest...

6. Persian family Christmas

In a rather bold move I learned via Facebook and my sister that the usual Christmas fare of turkey and all the trimmings was to be ditched by the Oracle in favour of a Persian feast. I was initially put out, not having been consulted in the decision, but after being offered a Christmas Ham and pigs in blankets sweetener I relented and got on board. I can honestly say this is the first Christmas I haven’t felt like a stomach explosion was immanent. Among other things was Duck fesenjan (pomegranate and walnut) and both saffron and barberry rice with mmm crispy buttery bits on top made in a special Persian rice cooker. The Oracle offered to buy me one, but my kitchen would give Rachel Khoo a run for her money and is already full to bursting, despite lack of microwave so I had to decline. One day rice cooker, one day…

7. The Great British Bake Off

As ever quite simply my favourite programme on TV. Come the first series you basically had to cook a loaf of bread, some biscuits and a cake and you were crowned the winner, but now a multitude of crazed tasks await. It’s a competition but the sense of camaraderie is palpable, everyone urging their opponents on to bigger and better things, all for the love of their art. Also, for no reason anyone has successfully explained to me, they are all forced to do it in the middle of summer in a marquee. This year, an all male final, saw John Whaite win and a more worthy champion would be hard to find (excluding of course his Fondant Fancies).

 8. Apple Strudel in Slovenia

Strudel sellers
Maybe it’s because I’d been walking for 6 hours in the mountains with nothing more than an egg and slice of ham in my stomach, but I clearly remember this being the best thing I put in my mouth last year. I have no picture as it lasted little longer than 30 seconds, you will just have to take my word for it!

9. Doomsday dinner

Those pesky Mayans may have run out of calendar last year, but they did give me and a friend the excuse to eat and drink like there was no tomorrow. Bring on a bbq like no other, an immense meat feast, courtesy of the
LastSupper Club and DJ BBQ, in a venue themed around Noah’s Ark – and serving some blow your socks off cocktails. What with no chance of a hangover (or so we though) we steadily ploughed our way through the heavily bourbon (Buffalo Trace) based list and it’s fair to say the next morning I felt like I’d been hit with a brick. Up on the food menu was(and I quote):
Pistonhead beer excitment
BURNT END OF THE WORLD BRISKET- 18 hour burnt end beef brisket with a lethal injection of Buffalo Trace marinade
BACON A-BOMB - Minced pork with a rad rub wrapped in bacon weave
CHICKEN OF MASS DESTRUCTION - Bourbon & Coke can in-the-butt chicken bomb
DAY OF THE SHRED - 12 hour smoked pork butt shredded to death
ASTEROID BALLS -Meat balls with a blazin’ tomato sauce trail
MAD MAX MAC & CHEESE -Get ready for the macopolypse!


Washed down with a Death by Chocolate and End of Sundae. Yum!

10. Lemonia, Primrose Hill

Apparently a favoured haunt of the Hampstead celebrity set, I had never heard of this place until my best friend dined here upon saying a big YES to her (now) fiancĂ©. Lemonia is a beautiful family run Greek restaurant and judging by how busy it was, a very popular one. I went with friends post-The Hobbit, and luckily hadn’t gorged myself on cinema food as what followed was frankly epic. We ordered the mixed mezze and after 10 minutes a seemingly endless stream of food started to arrive and eventually, hundreds of beautiful mouthfuls later, beat us into submission. The owner joked with us that he never let people order it after 10pm because they’d never manage to sleep and he wasn’t wrong.

So there you have it, another year over, a new one just begun and I’m so excited for the next 12 months and what they will bring to my table. I’m determined to have people over to eat more often and also to try out some of the places I’ve been meaning to get to but never quite managed. Pies are high on the agenda as my next post will demonstrate and my ultimate goal, if anyone is feeling flush and wants to accompany me, is to try the tasting menu at the Fat Duck, you know you want to!

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