Friday, 18 January 2013

Kitchen objects of desire: Daewoo Microwave

Yes, they did make cars as well...

I moved into my bijou pad two and a half years ago now, and all the while have flirted with the idea of buying a microwave. I even went so far as to order one and drag it all the way back from Sainsburys (microwaves are heavier than you think and people on the street less benevolent), set it up, plug it in and then watched while it resolutely failed to stay on for more than 3 seconds. Much cursing and cajoling a friend into giving me a lift back to Sainsburys so that I could give them a piece of my mind prevailed and I decided once and for all they were not for me.

It took reading this recent article about food waste to really make me rethink. Despite some glaring issues with the article it did make me realise that a lot of the things I throw in the bin could probably be frozen for use at a later date. An unfortunate recent incident involving frozen cocktails meant the freezer door had remained open overnight and the thing resembled the ice hotel. Two hours, a hairdryer, more swearing, all the towels in the house and I had finally restored the freezer to its former glory, only to notice it had been mostly empty, aside from the odd pack of peas and some frozen chicken bones I had vague ideas about turning into stock one day. Unfortunately I missed a tiny patch of water on the kitchen floor which led to my housemate doing the splits in the dark, though luckily he saw the funny side. I had heard him crashing around in the kitchen and just presumed he was drunk, so apologies roomie!

I digress… something isn’t right here, thought I. So I did some research and found this brilliant blog piece about all the things you can freeze and I was pretty amazed. I do have a habit (inherited from my Dad) of sweeping the supermarket for reduced meat bargains, but I can’t say I’d ever thought of freezing my own baked goods, cheese, bananas, herbs (this is a big one for me, I waste so many) and the like. It was at this point I realised if this plan was going to work I’d have to rethink my relationship with the microwave.

Bonus baby picture
So here it is, my new Daewoo microwave, primed and on top of the fridge as that is the only place for it in my little London kitchen. I can’t wait to get popping corn, softening butter, (carefully!) tempering chocolate and attempting not to pour boiling liquids on my head. Owing to my diminutive stature I do at least have these Ikea kitchen steps to help me reach (don’t laugh). 

I adore its retro styling and rounded edges, it goes really well with my Kenwood Kmix blender, I just hope one day I will have the kitchen to match!

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