Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kitchen objects of desire: Wilton Heart Cake Pan Set

To know me is to know I am rubbish at keeping secrets (my own anyway). When I first saw this tin I thought 'perfect!' I'll make a cake with a secret centre and wow and surprise everyone on cutting into it. The idea fell apart the second it arrived at my workplace and I was so in love I had to show everyone; whether they were interested or not.

I found this tin when Googling around for ideas for my first Clandestine Cake Club event in February (should you want one too, I found mine on eBay). The theme is hearts for Valentine's Day but I have decided on a 'love or lust' cake - Masala Chai tea with a ginger fudge frosting, recipe courtesy of Fiona Cairn's "The Birthday Cake Book" which I cannot recommened higly enough. She made the royal wedding cake and what is good enough for one Kate is good enough this one too!

I plan to put the tin to good use in the next few weeks so watch this (blog) space!


Anonymous said...

darlin..i come with a proposal that you offer up the space for guest appearances now and again, a little twitch is felt from my neck of the woods, to introduce your readers to...RAW CHOCOLATE - and it health giving, skin tingling, boosting benefits..there is so much hideousley priced delicious bars on the market, some fair folk may wish to get the home made hearts done consider me dear x

Katharine Balyuzi said...

I am open to the idea of guest posts, however I wouldn't really feel comfortable if it wasn't for something I endorsed myself. Having tried raw chocolate I can honestly say I really don't enjoy it I'm afraid. However I am all for quality chocolate, and am going on a chocolate making course in the next month with David Leslie who is a cordon bleu trained chocolatier, so there will be information here on making your own chocolate. Alson I bought some cocoa nibs recently that I will be baking with so that is something I will explore in more detail. xx