Thursday, 14 February 2013

Kat vs How to Eat: Pancakes

My blogging knowledge is somewhat limited but even I know you aren't really meant to post special occasion recipes after the event. I'm pretty sure today I am supposed to bring you heart shaped food and things involving chocolate, steak and/or strawberries but I felt the need to tell the world about the easiest pancakes I have ever made. I am relying on the fact that, like me, you were reminded on Tuesday of just how amazing pancakes are and that you really should eat them more than once a year.

This was supposed to be a Nigella post, as I consulted her recipe from How to Eat, but the woman got me in such a tiz that we fell out. The problems began when she insisted I didn't use a non-stick frying pan and that this was the only possible option for pancakes that weren't 'blond and pallid and rubbery'. I was willing to buy into this theory as The Oracle always made ours as a kid in a heavy old black thing that had never seen a whiff of a Teflon coating, so I duly went online to find one. Problem #1: What is the opposite of non-stick? Stick? Even the cast iron pans I found had non-stick lining. Le Creuset had very expensive crepe pans and even they were non-stick. Even Jamie Oliver is peddling his own Pancake Day non-stick pan to fairly rave reviews.

Eventually in Sainsburys I panicked  and ended up buying a new, yet non-stick pan that looked the right size for pancakes at least; only to get home and find it's almost exactly the same blimming size as the pan I already own. Still, it is now officially 'The Pancake Pan'.

Problem #2 I am supposed to let the pancake batter rest for at least half an hour, if not overnight, but I have approximately a 40 minute turnaround time from getting home to going out to a pub quiz and the batter is not made. Eventually I took to the Internet and discovered the genius that is blender pancakes, and thus:

Blender Pancakes

1 large egg
1/2 pint milk
110g plain flour - 4 heaped dessert spoons
1 tablespoon melted and cooled butter

Bang it all in the blender, turn it on until it's all mixed and then leave it to rest for 20 minutes. In reality I left it about 5 and they still came out fine. Also I didn't really cool the butter much after melting it in the microwave but it didn't seem to matter either.

I did decide to use a little spray of Fry Light  spray in the pan, as it seemed to help the pancakes brown, but I didn't make any without so I can't really comment on how much difference it made. My first choice of topping would have been banana and nutella but it turns out I was suffering food amnesia and had already devoured the whole jar, so I settled on banana, blueberries and some of the vanilla ice-cream I made a few weeks ago and they were as delicious as any pancake I have ever had before.

Kitchen wisdom gained: Pancakes are not just for Shrove Tuesday, they are for LIFE!

Domestic Goddess score out of 10: 10 - fact. This is now my go to guest breakfast and tastes much better than it should for the effort involved. Win!

Final Score: Kat 5 - Nigella 0: Massive home victory for me. If I do say so myself.


Adam said...

SKILLS! Forgot again to have pancakes :-( Must be 1000th year in a row. Guest breakfast is yet another incentive towards sounding the self-invite siren though, although are bananas be optional? Ban on all your F&B!

Was regaling stores of Holborn's Pancake restaurant with the buyable big plates t'other day. Tasty.

Katharine Balyuzi said...

Ooh yeah, when you had totally failed to realise it was Shrove Tuesday and couldn't fathom how busy the restaurant was :)