Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I 'Heart' Brunch

I can't say there's been a lot happening in the Kat vs Food kitchen recently, beyond the microwaving of M&S Fuller Longer meals (I really should buy shares). As ashamed as I am, I do have some excuse as I have started running again and am training for my first 10k race. Four runs a week and a spin class seems to eat away at my time and the side effect of all the exercise has been that not a minute goes by when I am not thinking about or eating food. However by the time I get in the front door of an evening I am all but ready to start eating my own fists.

Generally I am eating a lot healthier (despite lack of cooking from scratch), loads of berries, veg, complex carbs, fish, anything I may have read will help me not keel over. However as someone who responds very well to rewards there has to be some pleasure involved in all this pain and that reward is... BRUNCH! Most Saturdays my running buddy and I can be found completing our long run and heading out on a mission to find the best brunch in London. Here are some of the front runners:

The Breakfast Club Liverpool Street- Eggs Benedict with a side of fruit, half an hour queue for a table but worth the wait.

The Engineer Primrose Hill - Pancakes, grilled banana, streaky bacon, pure maple. Oh. Em. Gee. 

Del'Aziz Bermondsey - French toast and fruit. So sweet I had a headache the rest of the afternoon!

I am always looking for new places to visit so if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them, otherwise I think I might be back off to The Engineer for second helping of their artery clogging pancakes!

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