Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Clandestine Cake Club "A Slice of Life"

After February's wildly successful Valentine Clandestine Cake Club "Eat Hearts, Sweethearts" Carla announced that the next one was to be Dexter themed and never one to be put off by trivial matters such as never having seen an episode, I quickly got to work ploughing through seven seasons of the programme (yes that is rather a lot). I think it is fair to say I have Carla to blame not only for square eyes, but for an unhealthy obsession/crush on a serial killer, so... er thanks for that! 

For anyone with the misfortune never to have seen Dexter before, the premise is that he is a serial killer, but it's okay because he only kills evil people. Or sometimes those that suspect him of his deeds, slightly more morally dubious. But anyway he's hot so it's all forgivable. So without further ado, here are some of the amazing interpretations people came up with, including my own Crime of passion (fruit) cake - above.

Breakfast on a cake - a take on the opening sequence: delicious (vegetarian) bacon, maple syrup and pecans. Shouldn't work but was my absolute favourite! Will be making in the near future.

Body parts cake - the Ice Truck killer strikes again - delicious almond flavours with yummy jam!

I think this one speaks for itself!

A bloody mess cake - Eton mess with rhubarb

There were a few more latecomers but I didn't photograph them as I was in a sugar coma by that point. After at least 8 pieces of cake (eeek!) we then had a Dexter quiz, which I won on a tie break (I KNEW all that revision would come in handy). My prize? This deliciously dark shower gel, which did indeed leave the bathroom looking like a crime scene every time my flatmate left the valve open!

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Kat Buckley said...

This is the best theme for a CCC meet I have ever seen! I LOVE Dexter! Love your crime of passion cake and the body outline decoration - perfect!